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Hanselaer Mode-Agentuur is a family company with years of experience and a prosperous future.


Founded in 1980 by Walter Hanselaer, the company has over 35 years of experience in the fashion industry. Joined by his wife Kathleen, the two have worked together to build a strong company with a good name. And with the next generation joining the company, the future is looking bright.


Our keywords are commercial fashion, quality and service. We strive for the highest quality when choosing our brands and aim to find market defining brands, like Alberto, the pants specialist. In addition, our collections represent the latest trends in fashion. This combined with an excellent service focused on our customers’ needs, makes Hanselaer Mode-Agentuur the respected company it is today.


Hanselaer Mode-Agentuur is more than just a clothing agency, it is a fashion agency.

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